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Tuscany is one of the birthplaces of European civilization, a region with an ancient and defined identity of which its inhabitants are proud guardians, but it is also a place where the encounter between diversity, hospitality and tolerance permeate the common life. In the global world Tuscany wants to live as a protagonist and for this reason it continues to be a pulsating centre of creativity and quality of life, and is represented everywhere as an emblem of the harmony between man and nature thanks to the splendor of its landscapes.

Tuscan heritage

Tuscany is attractive from many points of view, the most fascinating is certainly its extraordinary cultural, artistic and historical heritage that mixes with a great variety of environments and places. Nevertheless, an excellent quality of life can be found here, with a high level of safety, a model health system in Europe and a large presence of universities, research and training centers. The possibilities that this territory offers are very broad from an educational, professional and human point of view. Although urban centers are less populous than those in central Europe, the main cities are the object of tourist and cultural attention from all parts of the world. Here you will find important international institutions, academic centers of excellence, prestigious health centers, cultural and artistic events of the first level.

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