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Serena Badiali Interalia Immobiliare

Serena Badiali

Real Estate Agent

Lover of art and beauty, a keen listener, despises banality and predictability, firmly believes in her instincts. She doesn’t seek to change the world on her own but prefers to empower others to do so, guiding them with wisdom and the open mind of someone who knows that in life, learning never stops.

Niccolò Manetti Interalia Immobiliare

Niccolò Manetti

Project Manager

Father of three young children, incredibly dynamic and a natural problem solver, he lives his life at a fast pace. Always on the move for work, he tackles one task and thinks of a hundred more. He’s the hero who arrives, saves the day with courage and initiative, and then quickly escapes toward a new adventure.

Emanuela Zanaboni Interalia Immobiliare

Emanuela Zanaboni

Real Estate Agent

Passionate about her work, reliable, and always ready to find effective solutions for everyone, she knows that trust is earned by offering a secure support in the turbulence that arises every day. Like a true guardian angel, she takes care of both clients and colleagues, as well as the many aspects that, like a puzzle, make up the days at Interalia.


If you are looking for your ideal property in Tuscany, share your requirements with us. We commit to responding to you as quickly as possible. Let’s work together to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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