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I am Niccolò Manetti, and if you decide to purchase a property with Interalia Immobiliare, I will be your Project Manager.

An exclusive service, built on Listening, careful Research, and deep Knowledge of renovations.

I will pay attention to your words and desires.

We will experience together a journey filled with emotions and collaboration. From the moment you decide to modify and improve the property, I will always be by your side, suggesting and selecting the best professionals.

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Why a Project Manager?

At Interalia Immobiliare, we don’t just sell houses; we fulfill people’s wishes.

Therefore, we don’t limit ourselves to finding the perfect property, but we strive to address all aspects surrounding the purchase, including those seemingly beyond the scope of a typical real estate agency.

This is where the role of the Project Manager comes in: their task is to eliminate any friction between the dream and reality, to simplify the start of a new life in Tuscany to the fullest, and to find solutions for every request related to the new home.

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Interpreting needs, anticipating problems

We are aware that your property is a significant investment. Therefore, we commit to making all post-sale phases as seamless as possible: from handling bureaucratic procedures to overseeing renovation works, from sourcing various professional figures to taking care of the property during your absence, we will be by your side to help you live your project in the best possible way.

Niccolò will be with you immediately after the purchase, overseeing every aspect and detail related to the restoration.

The Project Manager, as understood by Interalia Immobiliare and embodied by Niccolò, is a figure that encompasses a multitude of skills and tasks, all aimed at one simple goal:

your peace of mind.

Make your dream come true

With 15 years of experience in renovations and over 20 projects overseen, we have an in-depth understanding of the local reality and the ability to:

  • comprehend the needs of those purchasing a property in this area
  • anticipate potential issues that may arise
  • address them with the right network of professionals.

If the client requires a comprehensive service, Niccolò will identify, coordinate, and follow the necessary professionals step by step. Not the same team for every job, but a tailor-made team chosen based on the client’s needs and the project’s characteristics.

Alternatively, if the client prefers to work with their own architect or trusted professionals, Niccolò will be able to assist in finding the necessary craftsmen (surveyor, construction company, electrician, etc.) and support them in understanding local dynamics and bureaucratic procedures.

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No stress

Renovating a house becomes a stress-free operation: the client only needs to create their ‘wish list,’ then the Project Manager assembles a team to bring those wishes to life within the budget, managing and coordinating the process.

We are well aware that unforeseen events and changes to the project are always lurking on the construction site: but Niccolò will handle every organizational, bureaucratic, fiscal, and regulatory aspect. The owner only needs to relax and get ready to enjoy their new home in Tuscany.

Keyword: trust

A service of this kind can only be based on trust: the trust generated by a human relationship as close as it is transparent between the client and the Project Manager, but also the trust based on established collaborations between the Project Manager and suppliers.

Niccolò has the ability to quickly understand the needs of the person in front of him. Immediately after, comes his skill in finding solutions to the most diverse requests, a natural inclination for problem-solving, and the ability to choose the right people for each project—those who reflect the client’s character in terms of style, needs, requests, and taste—drawing from an extensive network of contacts.

This is what makes him the perfect Project Manager in the Interalia style.

Empathy, a propensity for listening, and extensive on-field experience create a formidable mix that results in an invaluable outcome: trust. Clients trust him because they feel understood, and Niccolò repays their trust by dedicating himself to every request, even the most unusual, with the same commitment.

We don’t hide that some of the projects we’ve undertaken were commissioned based on excellent references and word of mouth among our clients: doing good work has rewarded us and has shown that the trust of the clients was well-placed.



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A proven workflow

It is the task of Serena and Manuela, the real estate agents at Interalia, to notify Niccolò when a new property owner has a renovation-related need. This initiates the first meeting to define requirements and budget.

Upon receiving the assignment, Niccolò becomes the interpreter of the owner’s needs. As a Project Manager, he attends the initial meetings alongside the real estate agent and can already present ideas or feasibility projects.

A construction schedule agreed upon with the client (with penalties set in contracts) and bi-weekly reports are the tools that ensure the work progresses as planned.

Design is fundamental: at Interalia, we never tire of emphasizing that, despite unforeseen events, changes along the way, and halts, if you plan well, have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, and can anticipate every eventuality, you achieve an objective saving ranging from 15 to 20%.

Let's make your dream come true together

Not just problem-solving

The Project Manager, as we envision it, encompasses a long list of skills and tasks: not only coordinating and overseeing renovation works but also providing support in regulatory and fiscal matters, translating contracts, and assisting during the signing process, including interpretation.

Niccolò is fluent in English and is capable of assisting foreign clients at every step, ensuring the overcoming of any language barrier.

Many are surprised because they are not accustomed to this type of service. Typically, real estate agencies handle brokerage and related services but do not go beyond the moment of sale.

The flip side? Our clients quickly become accustomed to turning to Niccolò for any issues related to their new life in Tuscany…
Yes, we know we end up spoiling them!


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The advantages of this service

We can summarize the advantages that come with choosing our Project Manager service as follows:

  • It’s a 100% tailor-made service, without stress and surprises.
  • The client has a single point of contact for all craftsmen.
  • The Project Manager represents the client’s eyes on the construction site, alongside the works manager: an impartial view toward suppliers but focused on the owner’s interests.
  • The Project Manager’s work contributes to maximizing time and costs, resulting in savings of both time and money for the owner.
  • There is access to an extensive network of contacts for various professional figures, materials, styles, and processes.
Your key Partner

And after?

All of this ensures that the relationship established with the client is very close and often doesn’t even end with the completion of the works.

For owners who wish to continue their relationship with the agency, Interalia offers the Property Manager service: the management of income-generating properties and all related responsibilities.

Tell me about your project


If you are looking for your ideal property in Tuscany, share your requirements with us. We commit to responding to you as quickly as possible. Let’s work together to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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